Physics and Art try to interpreter the beauty of Nature in different ways, via rational theories and emotional images. Although seemingly disconnected, Art and Physics naturally overlapped throughout human history, leading to the wonders of Leonardo and the philosophical speculations of Feynman. 

The “Steitz & Steitz” two-metal aided mechanism 


A tight interplay between proteins and nucleic acids


Selected for the 59th Biophysical Society Art of Science Image Contest, 2015, February, Baltimore

Selected as a cover for the EPFL “CreaPoly” initiative, promoting Science and Art. 

GroupII Intron: the ancestor of the human Spliceosome


First place prize at the 61st Biophysical Society Art of Science Image Contest, 2017, February, New Orleans. Selected as a symbol of Computational Chemistry division of the American Chemical Society at the 2017 national meeting in Washington DC. 

Credits: Giulia Palermo (concept & design), Amelia Palermo (handmade painting) and Lorenzo Casalino (digital manipulation)