Physics and Art try to interpreter the beauty of Nature via rational theories and emotional images. We are passionate about Art and its overlap with Physics throughout human history and we believe that Art can help us interpreting Biophysics. 

The Invisible Dance of CRISPR-Cas9

Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 1.39.14 PM

Credits: Amelia Palermo (handmade painting), Clarisse G. Ricci (digital design and manipulation) and Giulia Palermo (concept & design).

Two Metal Planets in Biology 


Inspired by the Steitz & Steitz two-metal-ion mechanism (PNAS 1993)

A tight interplay between proteins and nucleic acids


Selected for the 59th Biophysical Society Art of Science Image Contest, 2015, February, Baltimore. Cover of the EPFL “CreaPoly” Exposition.

Van Gogh’s Autocatalysis


First place prize at the 61st Biophysical Society Art of Science Image Contest, 2017, February, New Orleans. Published in “The Art of Theoretical Biology” Spinger 2020. Credits:  Amelia Palermo (handmade painting), Lorenzo Casalino (digital manipulation) and Giulia Palermo (concept & design).