To inspire, motivate and support young scientist in computational and theoretical chemistry


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Our Lab is is striving to create new programs that will mentor and encourage young students, including underrepresented minorities and women, to engage in higher education. We strongly believe that Science and Creativity profit of diversity and we are excited about the prospect to create new knowledge in a scientific environment that welcomes diversity. Visit our website dedicated to the outreaching and educational activities in our Lab! 


Women Make Computational Chemistry 


We are proud and excited to organize the “Women Make Computational Chemistry (COMP)” symposium at the American Chemical Society national meeting. The symposium is dedicated to young women at the graduate and post-doctoral level, who will have the opportunity to present their research and receive mentorship from established women PIs at different level of the career in academia and industry. This event is sponsored by the ACS Computers in Chemistry Division and received an Innovative Project Grant from the ACS. 

Ada Lovelace (1815–1852) is the role model of the “Women Make COMP” symposium. Ada was an English mathematician and writer, known for having founded computing science. She wrote the first computer program, disclosing for the first time that computers could do much more than just calculations. Her visionary perspective pioneered our current computer age. 

Read our Viewpoint on JCIM! Women Make COMP is a biannual event of the American Chemical Society!

Palermo Lab for Education

We are hosting an annual program dedicated to high school teachers and students, aimed at teaching the foundations of computational chemistry and biology. We will provide a first hands-on experience in our computational laboratory and the opportunity to pursue a computational research project on the most recent breakthroughs in biology and chemistry. 

To join our program as a high school teacher or student, visit our outreaching website.  

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